Discover a few favorited projects below, or visit my Github for more.


Craft CMS Polls

A fully featured polls plugin for Craft CMS. Including translatable questions and options, custom fields for answer options, anonymous voting, etc.



etchNride is a flash based 2D game where you can ride tracks with a little BMX. It has a track editor which lets you draw your own tracks.


JS Cover Flow

A Cover Flow component made for the web. The component has two modes, HTML5 and flash, supporting the most popular browsers and devices today.



Get a free photoshoot in NYC! Book online, get a 2h shoot at your favorite spots of choice, buy your photos online for 7$/photo. That's the concept.


Vimeo Wrap

Vimeo wrap is an easy to use Vimeo player embedder that can be extended with plugins. Playlist support enables you to play videos one after another.