Craft CMS Polls v1.1.0

A fully featured polls plugin for Craft CMS. Including translatable questions and options, custom fields for answer options, anonymous voting or login required, a bar graph in the answers admin section, other option for free text input.

Please read the license before using this plugin on any website.


  • Craft 2.4+
  • PHP 5.4+


  1. Download and unzip Polls plugin zip file.
  2. Drop polls plugin folder in craft/plugins.
  3. Go to Admin / Settings / Plugins and click install.


  1. Download and unzip Polls plugin zip file.
  2. Replace craft/plugins/polls folder by the one that you have downloaded.


To add a basic poll form to your website insert this code in your template.

{{ craft.polls.form({
pollResponse: pollResponse|default(null)
}) }}

You can also write your own code by copying the contents of polls/templates/forms/basic.html in your own template and tweaking as you see fit.