Distrify - The Player

The development of personal projects is on a fairly slow pace lately. One of the reasons is that I'm spending more time working on Distrify projects.

I have been working nearly 3 years at Distrify now, and it has been a great time. I learned a lot over the past years and I am still today. The core product of Distrify is the video player, although it does a lot more than just playing videos, and I'd like to take you over some of the cool features we created for our users.

Sell on the spot

One of the powerful things about our player and sets us apart from most competitors is that every trailer you embed is a point of sale. The user can view the trailer of your movie and instantly has the option to rent or download the full length movie without leaving the current web page where the player is embedded.

Embed everywhere

The player can be embedded in every website, blog or forum. The only requirement is that you have access to add the player HTML embed code in those web pages. In some cases it's not even required to add an embed code. On Facebook it is sufficient to post the Distrify link of the movie and the trailer will automatically appear in the feed.

Combining these features you have an ultra portable web shop for your movie. This makes it very easy for your follower base to spread the word and share your work on their blogs and social media channels.

Share rewards

This feature can give your fans an extra push to share your movie. By default an affiliate gets 5% of every sale that is made through the shared player but this can be adjusted according to your preferences. Sharing rewards can be a great catalyst for making your movie go viral. We've seen some users make brilliant use of this feature where the affiliates took away thousands of dollars.


People love to see films on the big screen and we have developed a great way to let your audience quickly find the next screening of your film. When you add a showtime event to your film the Distrify player shows a button which will take the user to a dedicated showtimes panel. Here the user can either automatically find upcoming events based on his geo-location coordinates or manually by entering his city and country.

If there are no events available in the user's area they can sign up to show their interest. The beautiful thing about this is that it gives you the filmmaker very useful geographic data as to in what countries, cities and regions your audience is strongest. Every time someone makes a search for a location it is registered and this data can then be viewed in the user panel.


Besides these key features there a bunch not listed here like geo-located blocking, alternative payment methods like donations and Pay-it-Forward, DVD and merchandise e-commerce options, in-depth analytics, etc. In other words everything to give you finer control over your film distribution, increase share-ability and make it easier on your audience to buy your film right now.